Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Five Free Things To Do In Berlin

Though Berlin is one of the most affordable capitals of Europe, nothing is cheaper than free. Because of this, we give you the top free things to do in this vibrant city.

1.    Explore the city’s street art
Berlin has one of the greatest street art scenes in the entire world. Simply walking down the streets and admiring this form of art will be an experience like no other.

2.    See the Brandenburg Gate
As one of the most important national symbols, the Brandenburg Gate is a landmark you can’t miss. The best part of it is that it is out in the open, so it is completely free.

3.    Visit the Holocaust Memorial
You can’t visit Germany without confronting the harsh reality of the country’s past. Perhaps one of the most powerful Holocaust Memorials in the world, it is important to go and pay respect to the victims.

4.    Go up to the Reichstag’s Dome
Constructed for the use of the German Empire, the Reichstag is still one of the most important buildings in the country. Take a free lift up to the top of the dome, to get an incredible view of Berlin.

5.    Walk along the East Side Gallery
The East Side Gallery is the largest standing section of the Berlin Wall. Walk along this grey wall painted with color by the citizens of the city, and go back in time to this memorable moment in the history of the nation.