Tuesday, January 9, 2018


You can’t cheat nature. You might have gotten to a point or yet to where boredom is the closest thing you have hanging around you, and you feel you need a change in routine without quitting your 9-5 hustle or grind. Well, look no further. We have put together five tips to help you plan your week, mix things up and help you reduce the heavy workload stress.

Prioritize your tasks

As simple as this may sound it works like magic. This has to do with attending to your most important projects of your schedule first. This method eliminates pressure and makes your work-load lighter as the week progresses because you have first worked on the most crucial and pressing projects. It also helps to bring your hard tasks to the energetic day which is your admin day.

Try to get outside

Do you always hold your meetings indoor? Try ‘walking meetings’. This means instead of always having your meeting indoor; you should get outside once in a while by either going to a coffee shop or strolling. This does not only make you change environment and give you lighter mood, it also brings exercise to your working day.
Another thing that helps creative ideas flow and also makes you have your gaze fixed on the projects you are currently working on is walking around and taking your Friday meetings outside your usual zone. Try doing this and you will see how it helps you have a different perspective of things.

  Have a balanced home and work life

Having a balanced home and work life is a matter of importance. Some organizations, businesses are trying to work with a four-day week, though this is not accepted by many. But due to the 11.3 million sick days from 2013-2014 in the UK, a lot of people have been raising the question of change.
Set your admin day

You feel refreshed and energetic on the first day of the week which is Monday; make this day your ‘admin day’. A day you should complete the entire tough and disgusting but necessary tasks scheduled for the week. Completing everything on this admin day will save time and also ensure the remaining days of the week are spent wisely and more efficiently.

Have your exploration days

All work and no play should be struck out of your To-Dos. You must understand that 100% productivity is not a do or die affair. Instead of forcing work you know you should take a break from on yourself,  try to set a day or two as ‘exploration days’ which you take off work to have fun, spend quality time with loved ones and family, think about your life, career, goals and every other thing that matters to you.