Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Flower essences work in the same way that crystals do, their unique vibrational energies work with our own to bring about balance & harmony. Traditionally essences are made by immersing flowers in spring water & leaving them in direct sunlight for up to a day, when mixed with equal parts of brandy it creates an infusion called the “mother tincture.”

SARA DOONE from THE INTUITIVE PATHFINDER tells us about 5 flower essences that she has benefitted from & you may too.

1. FINDHORN – GRASS OF PARNASSUS – If you have been hurt in the past & find it difficult to trust yourself & others with your emotions then this is the essence for you. Encouraging you to give LOVE one more chance, supporting you in those vulnerable moments, encouraging you to live life with an open heart. HOW IT HELPS – to have the COURAGE to express how you really feel.

2. LIVING TREE ORCHID ESSENCES – GENTLE GEISHA – as the name suggests, this essence is soothing & nurturing, helping to calm an over active mind – excellent to use after a busy day. HOW IT HELPS – set aside your worries & responsibilities while you rest.

3. AUSTRALIAN BUSH FLOWER REMEDIES – ADOL ESSENCE – If your teenager is having a “Kevin” moment & all you hear is “ITS NOT FAIR” then you may want to buy this essence. It helps teens to communicate better with you, builds self-esteem, helps them to deal with peer pressure & encourages consideration of others. HOW IT HELPS – helps teenagers to find their place in the world.

4. BACH FLOWER REMEDIES – RED CHESTNUT – if you find yourself constantly worrying about your loved ones, thinking something awful may happen to them then this is the remedy for you. It ease’s those fears, helping you to believe that everything will be ok. HOW IT HELPS – relieves the desire to be over protective.

5. BACH FLOWER REMEDIES – RESCUE REMEDY – probably the best known of all flower remedies, this is a combination of five individual flower essences, used when we find ourselves in an emergency or stressful situation. A few drops work quickly to relieve anxiety, fear & feelings of discomfort, can also be used with children.

HOW IT HELPS – it is calming & helps to restore your equilibrium