Tuesday, January 29, 2019

4 Ways to Style Art Deco

Decadent and bold, Art Deco brings a distinctive charm to any setting with glamorous details and opulent finishes. This year, it takes on a trendier, millennial feel , mixing modern hues with classic silhouettes.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice shares 4 ways to embrace a modern Art Deco-inspired look at home.
1. Style with modern, minimal colour palettes

In the living room, taking a minimalist approach to Art Deco styling, with its strong colours and shapes, can beautifully set the scene for contrast and impact. With both light and dark colours being a mainstay of this look, and gold and brass elements coming into play, creating a polished visual statement with simple colours is surprisingly easy to do.
​​“Neutral beige tones, cool greys or soft pastel tones provide a nice backdrop to mix and match with statement making furniture,” advises Rebecca. “This is ideal for highlighting key furniture such as a classic navy blue Chesterfield sofa or a cosy statement armchair. The clean palette of the room really draws attention to the graceful curves and sleek accents of these centrepieces. And when adding accessories, a few well-placed pops of contrasting hues and metallic accents can really help to tie the whole space together. ”

2. Create a bold contemporary look with dark walls
Statement walls are always on trend and a great way to bring out Art Deco’s bold side. Dark walls are a bold, elegant look that immediately adds visual style and panache to your space, pairing well with both lighter furniture (such as a clean white sofa) or jewel-toned classics, such as a royal blue Chesterfield.  For a fully amped up look, accentuating the space with accessories such as elegant lighting and artwork will also bring a chic, modern approach to Art Deco.
“Dark walls lend a striking look when paired with light coloured furniture,” says Rebecca. “A cream sofa against a black wall creates a  dramatic monochrome effect and a graphic pop. On the other hand, a navy-on-navy approach makes for a great play on texture and contrast, not with colours but with materials and fabrics, with the sheen of velvet being a particularly vivid, appealing choice here.”

3. Experiment with Art Deco patterns

Delicate patterns and details are one of Art Deco’s most recognisable features - they’re also lovely decor elements to experiment with at home.  Whether it’s scallop prints or geometric patterns, these motifs instil a playful yet stylish tone to any space.
“For this latest interpretation of Art Deco, it’s all about striking a balance between patterns and other home furnishings,” Rebecca adds. “The aim is to achieve a stylized, modern look that ties the entire space together as a whole. For example, a dainty backdrop of scallop prints is a great way to showcase a contemporary, monochrome dining set. Decorating with statement furniture is another way to work this style. A scallop-printed side table will sit pretty alongside a classic Chesterfield sofa, offering a fresh look that’s eye-catching and chic.”

4. Go for a subtle approach and play with textures

It’s not an Art Deco look without gold and marble, but they can overpower a room  in large quantities. The trick is to go for key elements and minimal accessories, offering a hint of visual interest while also drawing attention to a specific part of the room.

“Gold is an Art Deco staple that’ll pop in any space,” Rebecca advises. “Elements like mirrors or even a simple gold vase will elevate a dark wooden table, giving it a dose of character and glamour. This luxurious finish will shine against velvet, so style it with a cool grey sofa, or a rich blue velvet armchair for a chic touch.”

“Marble is another finish that offers a bold, edgy vibe. Elements like framed art and cushions are easy ways to showcase marble around the home. This statement texture can be matched with soft neutral furniture, or layered up with rich, jewel shades for a dramatic look.”

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