Tuesday, January 29, 2019

6 Ways To Save More Money This Year

As we’re well into this year’s ‘No Spend January’, everyone’s comparing notes on the best way to keep from opening their wallets. So with so many ideas flying about we thought we’d collect our top six to help you save your precious pennies.

Making your own lunch

Even if you manage to find a great meal deal or collect enough loyalty stamps to make it seem worthwhile, going out to buy your lunch every day at work can soon add up! It might take a bit of getting used to, and some pre-planning is definitely involved, but with a little patience and some good recipes, you’ll soon be tantalising your taste buds with your own homemade lunches which will taste even better when you see how much money you’re saving each month!  

Cost-effecting your commute

Commuting to work not only stresses you out, but it can also put a strain on your finances. If you commute by train, see if you can get a season ticket (some companies may even provide a loan), or if you’re lucky enough to have the option of a tube or bus, try the four wheeled option to see the savings roll in.

Making your mobile phone last a bit longer

The ever increasing number of shiny new features that companies cram into mobiles phones each year can make it difficult to not throw your old phone in the scrap pile and run for the latest model. But despite how appealing they may be, the latest phones come with a hefty price tag. Why not instead wait an extra or even two to replace your phone and avoid those hefty early adoption costs? If you’re bored of how the thing looks, try a cheap cover to breathe some new life into your digital friend for a few more months.


Ever had that moment you receive a gift that you would never think to buy yourself in a million years and it makes you question if the person who gave it you even knows your name? Well, we’ve all been there, but instead of sulking in the corner, take solace in the fact you can probably find someone else out there you know who it might find a good home with and save it for a re-gifting come their birthday or other celebration.

Selling books, CDs and DVDs

With ever diminishing house and apartment sizes and the ever growing popularity of minimising your possessions, why not join in and shed some of your belongings that don’t bring you joy in the form of selling the stuff that crowds up your shelves, like books, CDs and DVDs? If you don’t want to lug a chest full of these goodies to your local shop to sell, there’s several places online that can freepost your goods to and they’ll pay you directly into an online account.

Energy saving lightblubs

Light bulbs might not be the most exciting items in your house, but they can be a burn on your finances. If you haven’t already, ensure you’ve got the latest and most efficient energy saving varieties in your sockets to light your way to savings, which, though not monumental, shouldn’t be trifled with.

Do keep in mind that these are slow saving,if you need quick cash then using a short term loan company like CashLady could be an option for you.

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