Monday, January 14, 2019

# Green Living

Brands We Love - Dutch star-up Nuud starts revolution in the deodorant industry

First deodorant without the disadvantages of a deodorant: Completely innocent , yet extremely effective. 

The founders of Dutch start - up Nuud believe it’s time for change in the deodorant sphere.
So they’re turning the industry around and resolving all the major disadvantages of deodorant - use in one go with a revolutionary deodorant formula. The hyper - concentrated cream is based on natural ingredients and packaged in a tube made of sugar cane ; it's both highly effective and has minimal impact on the environment.

Deodorant - use has many disadvantages. The packaging and propellants form a considerable burden on the environment. Deodorants also contain many substances that are being brought into qu estion among the ever - growing group of conscious consumers. This is because the harmlessness of these substances is being disputed , they cause skin irritation, or they also have a significant impact on the environment . “ With Nuud we want to avoid all these debates ,” say the brand’s founders. “Which is why we only use 10 natural, harmless , ingredients. But – at the same time – this natural formula must be effective in what it does . Because if there is even the slightest whiff of a smell , people will easily c ross over to conventional deodorant and all its disadvantages. This provided the basis of Nuud : a deo dorant that you can use without any worries , but that still does its job extremely well. ”

The active ingredient in Nuud is (E cocert - certified) micro silver, which naturally neutrali s es the bacteria that cause sweat odours . Natural oils (almond - , coconut - and castor oil) care for your skin and keep the micro silver in place. *Nuud is free from aluminium , parabens and salt s, and c ontains no artificial fragrance s or alcohol. This makes the deodorant ideally suited for sensitive skin. Nuud is also odour - free and does not mark or stain clothing. The cream comes in a convenient size and is so concentrated that you only need to use a ti ny amount. One application the size of a pea keeps you odo u r - free for several days (on average three to five).

Nuud is not only good for your body, but loves the planet too. As only a small amount of Nuud needs to be used, this means that only a small amount needs to be produced. Which also results in less shipping and less materials for packaging. The deodorant also contains no animal ingredients and is therefore completely vegan. The sugar - cane tube is 100% recyclable and packed in a box made from unblea ched biodegradable FSC cardboard. By compensating for the emissions caused by postal deliveries, Nuud ensures its distribution is climate - neutra  

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