Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Interior trends 2019: inspirations straight from Pinterest

Pinterest is a plethora of ideas: from street fashion, DIY and cooking, to interior design. Millions of photos and inspiration can overwhelm and discourage you from looking for the one that's right for you. Don’t want to waste any time? Check out the 4 most important trends that will make jazz up your home!​ 

Mustard yellow​
Expressive yellow in a shade similar to honey and the tastiest mustard adored by Winnie the Pooh is a boost of energy that will be useful to everyone. Deciding on this shade, you can really go crazy! In interiors it likes the company of contrasting classics, creating original compositions in combination with black and white. Mustard yellow will also complement the recently fashionable bottle green, adding to its depth and elegance. The beautiful, sunny color on the wall will warm up the space and bring freshness into the living room, kitchen or hall, and will make the mornings full of sunshine in the bedroom.​

Large Geometry
Geometric patterns are nothing new, but those in extra-large sizes are really special! They look best in interiors in a retro, minimalist and Scandinavian style. Despite their dimensions, they do not overwhelm, and when properly applied, they optically enlarge every space. Geometric giants have small requirements - just choose your favorite colors and shape. Most importantly - you do not have to worry about the cumbersome renovation: instead of painting walls in several colors, just choose a wall mural with your favorite pattern and you're done! The walls are not enough? You can go a step further and cover the door and closets with a pattern matching the one on the wall.​

The popularity of cacti and succulents results from the ease of their cultivation. These undemanding plants have been extremely successful: thanks to them, more and more homes and apartments are filled with lively greenery and despite the news that they will soon become history, they are still one of the most fashionable decorative motifs. Cacti and succulents can adorn not only flower beds and window sills. They prove themselves as wallpaper or a wall mural, and above all as a well-thought-out, floral wall gallery, which will successfully replace expensive and difficult to maintain vertical gardens. All you need is a photorealistic picture or poster to make the walls come to life.​

Bold wallpaper​
2019 belongs to bold ... wallpaper and wall murals. No wonder that bold patterns are inspired by unbridled nature and a thicket of tropical plants. Tigers and panthers hidden in lush thickets, dark backgrounds and expressive colors of unparalleled plants are the most desirable elements of a fashionable, stylish interior. If you like maximalism and are not afraid of experiments, adorn your walls with richly decorated wallpaper, and if you are afraid of radical changes and experiments, limit yourself to solid walls in the color of emerald green, complementing the decor with floral and animal accessories - paintings, posters, and pillows.


For more inspirations visit pixers.uk.