Thursday, February 14, 2019

Small changes that can make a big difference to your finances

Everyone wants to save money right? Well, it’s not as easy as you might think. Looking at your monthly outgoings and searching for lost pounds and pennies to be saved can often be a fruitless exercise. But instead of cutting out things, why not look at alternatives to things you want to still pay for! We’ve come up with our top tips for saving a few quid where it counts.
Fix (don't ditch) your clothes 
Button on your nicest jacket just fall off? Well don’t despair and reach for the latest replacement, but instead try your hand at fixing it yourself. If you’re not so familiar with a needle or sewing machine, try and a find a decent tailors/clothing repair shop, who are a lot more reasonable than you might think. Either way, you’ll be bagging a bargain with your born-again clothes rather than consigning them to the dustbin.
Changing up your cable
With the Internet being as vital as water and electricity these days, you want to get the best bang for your buck for your ever-increasing online needs. A quick check on a comparison site and  will get you the best broadband deals for your requirements and save a bunch of money while you’re at. Depending on the deal you go for you can save up to £278 on average when you switch broadband provider. To get a clearer idea fill in your postcode and check your area.
Buy second hand video games
Video games may continue to get more bigger and better by each passing day, but sadly so do their prices. So why not swap the shiny new version for an already played copy of your latest new gaming addiction? You get the same great game for a fraction of the price, and the only thing you’ll be missing is the cellophane wrapping!
Grow your own vegetables and herbs
Is there that one vegetable you can’t get enough off and is never far away from your plate or lunchbox? Well, if you’re lucky, it could be something like a tomato, rocket or spring onions, or even herbs like coriander, parsley or rosemary. For all these treats have a look at donning your gardener’s hat and try growing them yourself. Most of these can even survive on your  balcony in the good months, and will definitely shave some costs off your weekly grocery shop.
Switch banks
You might be a fan of the colour of the credit and debit cards from your local bank, but switching up your bank can be a really simple way to save a bit of cash. Banks are always on the lookout for new customers and many offer great incentives to welcome you in, such as big cash joining bonuses, preferential rates or even vouchers to splurge on.

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